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Highly recommend SERVPRO of Washington County to anybody who needs restoration done on their home.

One of our Treasures right in our own backyard...

Quality service at a great value!!

Professional, punctual, responsive, and quality service!

Worked with Donna Digman and she was amazing to work with! Loved her warm personality and it was a pleasure to work with her and her team who provided excellent service.

Donna Digman was wonderful and she was great to work with! The service was fantastic!!! Highly recommend!!

The best service I’ve had! Everyone was so amazing. Donna Digman was able to answer any questions I had and was very helpful. 100% recommend her.

Glad I went with SERVPRO they made everything look great and Donna was a pleasure to work with. I would use them again and highly recommend.

SERVPRO has run a tremendous continuing education program that I have taken advantage of using over the past several years. The staff is wonderful to work with. They are professional, and they make continuing education meaningful

We experienced a sump pump failure leaving 7 inches of water which ruined everything. This business came immediately and went to work and was understanding of the pressure we faced. They are fantastic to work with. Professional and compassionate.

The owner Jeff is very knowledgeable about insurance claim process and he’s great help to educate me of each step. After initial inspection with him, I know I could trust him and company to do the job. The process is smooth and as described. The quality of work is outstanding and communication is always pleasant!!!! I highly recommend Jeff and SERVPRO.

SERVPRO is a wonderful company and have great people working for them!!!! They are very knowledgeable of the claims process. Very quick to respond and keep the customers and insurance agents up to speed as to what is going on with the claims!

SERVPRO is a wonderful company. They take care of their customers and they always go above and beyond to help the customer, no matter what the situation might be.

They are very reliable and I recommend them.

The staff at this location goes over and above to make their clients happy! Had a water damage which destroyed carpet and walls! Not only did they clean up the water they repaired my walls, repainted and upgraded my floors. I normally work with Donna in Baltimore MD and Howard County imagine my relief to know she works with this amazing team as well!

The amount of time the dispatcher took with me on the phone to make the crews job easier when they arrived and  not allowing them to walk into my basement which was completely under water was amazing.  She showed me over the phone she truly did care. I was at ease when the crew arrived thanks to her.

I know I didn’t know what to expect when my basement flooded.   Now I know what to expect from a mitigation company.  They will always be the ones I call. (Crossing my fingers never again)

Did you know you could lug you area rug to their location for cleaning? They professionally clean my rugs for me. The turnaround time is amazing and they smell so nice when I bring them back into my home  Pets and kids is all I need to say.

SERVPRO OF Washington County is a Property Managers Dream!  I have them on speed dial.  It seems if they are not in one of my commercial buildings cleaning up disasters they are there cleaning the carpets or stripping and waxing my floors.

When SERVPRO of Washington County cleans and dries out your business within 3 days; your business interruption insurance doesn’t even have time to kick in.  Forever Grateful.

I have been wanting new furniture for some time.   When my in laws called to say they were coming to town for a reunion, SERVPRO came to the rescue.  They cleaned my furniture to the point my mother in law asked if I finally got the new furniture I have been wanting.

My house never looked and smelled so clean.  Thank you for the house wide cleaning.

My pellet stove puffed more than the magic dragon.  I never knew what I thought was dust throughout my home was actually a fine soot particles from my pellet stove.  My entire house had to be cleaned like it was effected by smoke from a fire.   Even the clothes in my closets had to be sent out to a dry cleaner.  They put a new meaning to spring cleaning.

When our son thought he was Bob the Builder and attempted to repair the ice maker line by cutting it. Can SERVPRO Clean it up? YES THEY CAN. Could they fix it? YES they did!

My wife was so devastated with the sewage in our bathroom. By the time the SERVPRO team was done you never knew it happened.  Pleased to say I did not have to replace my tub. The wife was telling me how she would never bath again.  THANK YOU TEAM SERVPRO.

Judy was excellent communicating on how she would be cleaning my carpet and the dry time.

Greg went over and above by bringing a spot light to look under my crawl space for damages caused by water.

The smoke just seemed to wipe off of the walls with those “special sponges” they tell me there are no chemicals in these sponges?  

Arrived quickly and respectfully. These men and women take not only the situation into their hands, but the people as well. God bless.

I experienced a Basement Flooding issue on September 2 and when contacting my Insurance Company was provided a Competitor and SERVPRO. Initially I called the Competitor and was not satisfied with their attitude about my Disaster. I then called SERVPRO at their National Call Center. I was then responded to by Rhonda from Boonsboro and her Team arrived first thing on September 3. Excellent communication, exceptional Team Members offering compassion and due diligence in handling my property. Highly recommended for Disaster Recovery... Kudos