Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Hole burnt through upstairs floorboard

Fire Doesn't use the Stairs

A fire really doesn't need stairs to get from one floor to another once it ignites in your home or business. This can make restoration seem impossible, but when our professionally trained crews are on scene after your fire... it'll be "Like it never even happened."

Boarded up door and windows in a home

Flames go Down, Boards go Up

Boarding up after major damage or losses is crucial during the mitigation process. This keeps the damage from spreading, damaging anything else, especially in cases where cross-contamination is a risk factor. You can see here that the boarding up process has begun after major fire damage.

Burnt down wall

Burning Down the House!

Part of SERVPRO of Washington County's expert restoration and cleanup services include working with your insurance when we make an estimate for the cost of our services. We are sure to carefully inspect the damage to your home or business. This is especially important in cases of fire damage, as the loss is often more extensive.

Brick house burnt by fire

Fire can Burn Brick Too

Our crews responded to this sizable fire loss. You can see the flames burnt through quite a few layers of the wall and even singed the brick. The first part of mitigating a fire loss is precisely assessing the damage. Fire losses often call for tearing down before we rebuild. It's important to rid your home or business of any irreparably burnt items, especially for deodorization purposes.

A kitchen completely burnt by fire

Be Careful when Cooking

Fire damage can be absolutely devastating to your home. Such a loss is no match for our mitigators and our rebuild devision. We work quickly to get your home back to normal, so it can be, "Like it never even happened."

House with a burnt wall

Summer is Fire Season!

Fire damage really does tend to heat up in the summer. We know that when it comes to a fire, it doesn't matter if it's your home or you business... it's a painful situation!