Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Drying a hallway after a storm caused water damage

Storm Science

Applied structural drying is, as we always say, a special science, so DIY is never recommended. Luckily, we are certified via the IICRC to conduct this science in your home or business when damage occurs. Here you can see that mitigating storm damage requires a precise plan and of course the right equipment to rid your property of water and prevent or abate any potential mold risk. That's why SERVPRO should always be your first call when you spot damage!

A person wearing rain boots in their flooded home

Rain Boots in your own Home

We have all seen the game "What's wrong with this picture." It's kind of fun to see what doesn't belong in the picture until it's a picture of your house!

In this picture, rain boots shouldn't be needed inside the house. When rain from a storm makes it's way inside it's not a game. 

Make sure you're prepared. Have your roof, chimney, and sump pump checked, just to name a few. Keep the rain outside where it belongs. 

You want to take your rain boots off before you come inside, not put them on to come inside.

Hole in ceiling due to storm damage

An Unwanted Skylight

Storm damage seems to have a way of making some unwanted additions to your home. For instance, this storm that punctured a hole in a bathroom ceiling! This sizable crater looks like a makeshift skylight, if you ask us. These inconvenient losses to your home can cause a lot of frustration, which is why we make the restoration process so simple!

SERVPRO truck parked in town

Storms are no Match

SERVPRO of Washington County is here to help! We are ready for any storm damage or any other needs you may have after a flood. Call us anytime! (301) 797-0677

Failed sump pump

Standing in Standing Water

Storms can cause your power to go out, which can cause your sub pump to fail... which brings you the joy of having to deal with a flooded basement. We aren't afraid to do the dirty work and make sure the damage doesn't hurt any other systems in your home (much like this risk pictured here).

A townhouse with boarded up windows and doors

Boarding Up!

There are a lot of instances where boarding up your home or business is necessary. Not only is important to board up before damage, but after damage or a loss occurs, boarding up can be a great preventative measure.